Let me help you go Digital ?

Forward-thinking brands and businesses want to drive sales, save time and build a solid digital presence. By using Responsive e-Commerce Website Technology & Services, I help clients to achieve this.


What I do...

eCommerce Websites

I use WooCommerce, online payment gateways & WordPress to help you sell online & engage your customers!

Maintenance + Promotions

I will make sure that the website we have built for you stays fresh, up-to-date and promoted!

Ready-made Brand Concepts

You can get a ready concept, business model & brand identity, including logo, .co.za domain & a platform CMS.

Teach & Share

Those interested in learning how to build their own websites using WordPress can find my online courses on Digicademy.

How I work...

Maloom understands that this can be a daunting process, so I’ll help make it happen in 5 easy steps

Step 1 (Discovery)

Listen & Understand
You explain, I ask questions and we reach a common understanding of the required functionality.

Step 2 (Scoping)

Plan & Agree
We plan the next steps, discuss requirements & detailed specifications, sign and agreement and start.

Step 3 (Building)

WordPress Customization
We create your website based on what was agreed, the budget, scope, quality and timelines.

Step 4 (Review)

Final Changes & Testing
You get a change to review & test the website before it goes live, once completed, we sign off.

Step 5 (Ongoing)

Support & Promote
This is optional (& separate). I will continue to work with you to promote & keep the website running.

Previous Projects

Lefakong Farming

Lefakong Farming, located in Bosplaas, North West Province in South Africa, has a great passion for health and wellness and has invested in the quality assurance and true organic nature of Moringa leave- which can be processed into tea, powder, and many other forms of natural health foods. Lefakong Farming was established in 2015, as a family cooperative, planting over 7,500 trees which have been grown organically, without any harmful pesticides and artificial growth hormone.
Domain, Hosting & Web Design
Website Maintenance
Lefakong Banner

Lefakong Farming focuses on processing and producing the best quality of value-added products from organic Moringa leaves.


We are committed to ensure the all relevant of building are provided in order to maintain the operational effectiveness of the building.

Sekhasimbe Consientious Company

Sekhasimbe Consientious Company(PTY)LTD is acknowledged & delineate as supplier, services provider of ICT, electrical, plumbing & general building constructions. SCC(PTY)LTD executive team, technical intelligence team, sales team & constructions team are made up of qualified artisan’s, leading IT engineers & building constructions specialist with more than 10 years of on-hands experiences. SCC’s business has based on four main keys which are operational magnificence, creative innovations, customer satisfactions & integrity.

Domain, Hosting & Web Design
Website Maintenance

Who is Maloom?

Maloom (@MaloomOnline) is a Customer eXperience Officer. Maloom is a digital identity and helps brands, large and small organisations to build, promote and grow their online presence through the effective, measurable and reliable use of existing technology and strategies. 

I deliver projects through

I work with other platforms, businesses, organisations, brands, etc. to make sure that I deliver…

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