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Maloom Online is a Customer eXperience Officer and a Digital Asset Manager specialising in 1-Page websites that are purpose-built to helps brands such as yours, large and small organisations to build, promote and grow their online presence through the effective, measurable and reliable use of existing technology and strategies. 

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Digital Assets
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What is a Digital Asset?

1 A digital asset is anything existing in digital format (with no physical presence) that comes with the right to use, has value and can

Beginners Guide
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Start with setting a GOAL for your website

Let’s ask the tough question before we get started: If you don’t have a defined goal for your website, then what’s the point of having

Build it yourself

Learn how to create an amazing Dentist’s website using youTHRIVE Hosting, WordPress and the amazing page builder Elementor! In this course I will show you step by step how to create a website that can help your customer create a powerful yet simple online digital presence. We will also use Astra, an amazing theme that contains beautiful templates that make your job easy on the front end; making the creation of websites a breeze!

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